Engage and thrive!

My ideals have always centered around fairness, equality and transparency.

That said, I do love to compete and am very energized by setting and achieving ambitious goals.

My experience tells me that many (or most) people are energized by working towards self-defined ambitious goals, but also that the rules of the game often do not appear as fair, equal or transparent.

In my +20 years working with HR transformation programs and many, many HR/Talent/People initiatives, it all seems to boil down to these simple principles that people do want to set and strive for ambitious goals, as long as they are enabled to ‘compete’ fairly and with equal opportunity for rewards and recognition of their efforts.

With these basic principles in mind it is possible to design an Organizational Structure that allows employees to grow their capabilities, a Career Model that both serves as possible career paths as well as enabling Strategic Workforce Planning, alignment with Core Value Creators to keep the company agile and competitive, engaging Goal Setting and Feedback Processes, and finally to design People Services, Processes and Leadership Development Programs with focus on fair pay practices, salary bands and progression requirements.

I will expand on all of these topics in the coming weeks and look forward to engage with many of you, who could use inspiration or guidance, and can help me advance in the understanding of challenges and solutions that help us create engaging, innovative and fun working places for all people!

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